FTMS Forms

The following PDF forms require Adobe® Acrobat Reader.

interactive_pdf Indicates an Interactive PDF Form – may be completed online and submitted by email or printed and sent by fax or mail.  Can also be saved for later completion.

Housing Allowance Worksheet: This form will help you in two ways. First you can use it to project how much housing allowance to claim for the upcoming year with your church board. You want to make sure you don’t underestimate as you can adjust the amount down on your tax return if you estimated too much, but can’t increase it if you estimated too low. A second way you can use it is for the tax calculations for your actual expenses you used for housing. I need one of these filled out when preparing your tax return.

pdficon_small  Housing Allowance Worksheet interactive_pdf

Donation Valuation Worksheet: This form will help you value the non cash donation items given to charity. The IRS has increased audits in this area, especially for donations more than $500. Taking a picture of the items you give will help in an audit as well. A rule of thumb is the value of the item you donate for charitable purposes is 10 – 15% of the purchase price of the item.

pdficon_small  Donation Valuation Worksheet

Insolvency Worksheet: This worksheet is important if you have a short sale or foreclosure and have cancellation of debt income which can be fully taxable at your top tax bracket. Insolvency is one way to escape this tax. The amount of your debt needs to exceed the amount of your assets by amount of the cancelled debt.

pdficon_small  Insolvency Worksheet  interactive_pdf