About Us

As president of Finance & Tax Management Solutions, Rick Lagomarsino , Enrolled Agent, earned his BA in Accounting & Marketing and MBA at California State University , Sacramento . He was immediately employed as an accountant for high-tech Silicon Valley firm. After automating their financial systems and increasing economic efficiency overall, he was promoted to Controller. In 1985 he moved to Placer County and began FTMS to provide full time controller functions for small businesses that could not afford them. He also found he had an aptitude for improving the financial positions of individuals, churches, non-profits, and other service industries.

Since 1986, Rick has championed his clients, serving as an advocate to help them realize their dreams by taking the financial burdens off their busy shoulders.

“Bookkeeping is just the beginning,” says Rick. “When we stand by you on a month-to-month basis, we can improve your bottom line and get you back to doing what you love, and help you escape from boring details.”

“Our mission is to remove your stress and increase your cash flow. You get the proficiency of a partner without giving up ownership. Let us accelerate your genius and . . .

  • increase available funds
  • have someone else resolve your problems
  • remove yourself from squabbles
  • resolve cash crunch issues
  • build a lucrative business faster and with less work

We look forward to working with each of you